Friday, February 16, 2018

Starbucks inspired illustrations

I love Starbucks!!! Did some cute dollhead illustrations in Adobe Illustrator this week inspired by my love of the iconic cup

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Bob Barker Marionette Theatre

I had the pleasure of visiting the historic Bob Barker Marionette Theater in downtown LA this week. I love old LA history, and this theatre reeks of it! The place is alive with vintage puppets and original art from the fifties and sixties, all lovingly cared for by hipster art school types who bring the theatre to life as volunteers. The exterior is decorated with a cool mural on the parking lot side and a whimsical entryway complete with trumpeting clown. When you enter, the theatre sparkles with vaudevillian charm, old carpets and worn curtains turned magical with coffee can lights and old timey music. The hour long puppet show I saw was called "Something to Crow About" a hokey yet adorable original written in the 1950s, chock full of farm yard jokes and silly characters like the sly fox, flapper bird and tomato lady! It was charming. And at the end they served ice cream! 
It is very much worth a visit to see this slice of LA theatre history.

Monday, January 1, 2018

"Barbie Angel"

My Mom surprised me with a very special gift this Christmas.
I unwrapped a present to find that she had given me a relic of my childhood, our family's "Barbie Angel".

This lovely lady graced the top of our family christmas tree for years, and has quite a history. She was Mom's original 1959 Number One or Two Brunette Barbie, that she bought herself when she was 12 with her saved up babysitting money.  She also had the original 1961 flocked hair Ken .
Mom sewed outfits for her Barbie and was quite good at it. She ended up attending the Boston School of Fashion Design and went on to design costumes for theatre.

When we were children, Mom unpacked Barbie and Ken, still in their original boxes, and allowed us to play with them. This was the 70s and the idea of her old toys skyrocketing in value did not occur to her. Barbie and Ken both met horrible fates, Barbie's body was chewed up by the family dog, and Ken's arm was lost at sea while we played with him on the beach.

Meanwhile, our 1970s Bradley Pose Doll styled angel tree topper's head had gotten moldy, and when mom unwrapped it one early 80s christmas, Barbie's disembodied head seemed the perfect replacement.

As I grew up, Mom dragged Barbie Angel around from home to home, storage unit to storage unit, even to a hotel room once when we didn't have a home to celebrate Christmas in. Throughout my unconventional childhood, in a different rental house almost every year, Barbie Angel brought a sense of holiday consistency. I found reassurance in that half rubbed off makeup face glaring slyly sideways as we unwrapped gifts at her feet. So calm and celestial at the top of that tree, she was truly an angel to a shy little girl growing up in a crazy world.

My mom has given me many gifts over the years, both material and maternal. This wise lady with the golden pipe cleaner halo tops them all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Barbies!

I thought I'd post these because.... It's time for Halloween, Yeay! 
Got this lovely kitty Barbie from Target, they also have her in purple at Ralph's

I think pink witch is still my favorite!
Here's the whole collection!  3 witches,2 kitties.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dollar Tree Bug Catcher

This toy is perfect for dirty summer fun! Isaac loves catching creepy crawlies. I have to admit I'm enjoying it quite a bit myself!
He loves wearing it around his little neck, so funny!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bianca Pearl Blythe on a winter day

I have my first Neo-Blythe! She is lovely. I've never really gotten into Blythe, but now that I have her I am in love. She wants me to make her some new dresses. I'll see what I can do. :) 
I adore her melancholy goth girl dreamy style. And her faded rose purple hair . 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tiphany Giles Inspired Doll

I made this doll recently for my friend's birthday. It is inspired by her artwork for the Don't Play With Me show. She is very talented and also made some lovely paper dolls for the show that I will post later!