Monday, June 16, 2008

MGA vs Mattel court battle continues, doll designer Carter Bryant sees nothing wrong with selling Bratz to MGA while employed by Mattel!

For awhile I have been on the side of MGA with this one, feeling that they are the underdog against big bad beloved Mattel, but Carter Bryant's testimony today has me feeling for Mattel. We all know it's a little no-no to freelance for another toy company on the side, but to make actual prototypes for an entire doll line to sell to another company is so obviously against the rules, there is no way he didn't know that.. On the other hand, MGA shouldn't be punished, they just bought a pitch.

It is understandable where Bryant was coming from. Many of us creative types have experienced what it is like to work in a climate in which everyone is dedicated to one way of thinking, i.e. not open to new ideas about toy lines that could be produced by their already establish corporate machine. It makes you consider not even bothering showing them something unique, wanting to save it for someone who gives a damn and will actually pay you what it is worth. And really, would Mattel have made Bratz into the gorgeous cultural phenom that they are today? I think not. Plus the packaging team on Bratz has dragged doll packaging out of the 1980's and into this century with their innovative approach. Love those handles!!!!

Read the whole story at Toy News!

Bratz creator testifies Mattel employees assisted him to create models of the dolls.

Carter Bryant told the Federal Court that he saw nothing wrong with pitching an idea for the urban-style fashion dolls while working as a Barbie designer at Mattel, or enlisting fellow employees to help him create models of the product.

However, he said it “was a general rumour” that some Mattel employees ‘moonlighted’ with other toy manufacturers to earn extra money.

He continued to explain that he made colour tracing based on original Bratz drawing, made in 1998, in order to pitch the concept to other firms and to an agency that represents artists.

"I didn't think there was anything wrong with it because I didn't know if anything would come about from sending some drawings out," Bryant said.

This Barbie was designed by Carter Bryant
She is lovely, you can buy her here

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