Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pria the Mermaid Ragdoll

This is Pria, a Blue Haired Mermaid Ragdoll that I made by hand from an original pattern. She sold last month and I wonder who she is living with now? It feels strange to make a doll by hand and then sell her without seeing who she is going home with. Is she on a collector's shelf or being loved by a child? Pria was one of my favorite dolls so far, she looks so sweet and fancy, and her hair is extremely soft. I've handmade and sold around 50 art dolls since last November, it's my little side obsession. My dolls are currently for sale at a lovely children's store in Santa Monica on Main Street- The Artist's Web. www.theartistswebstore.com
It is an adorable store! They carry very cute kids clothes and unique toys.
Currently they are sold under the name of hamster+HIPPO but a name name change is in the works for the rag dolls. Sometimes I make animals too! And trees....:-)

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