Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stawberry Shortcake's Metamorphisis

Original Strawberry Shortcake vs. New look by Hasbro

Stawberry Shortcake is back at Hasbro, and she is getting a re-sculpt and a direction change, of course. Judging from the cute illustrations I think she will look great, I can't wait to see her in stores. So far they are in development phase, I will post a photo as soon as I find one.

Strawberry has been on quite a tour-
Started at American Greetings/Those Characters from Cleveland, apparantly the first doll was a ragdoll
Produced by Kenner(now owned Hasbro) in the 1980s
THQ (Toy Headquarters)had her in 1991 to no sucess
Bandai got her in 2002
Playmates produced her in 2006-2007 but lost her back to Hasbro

American Greetings illustration by Muriel Fahrion
Bandai version
Kenner Version
Blueberry Muffin, I had this one!
O.G. Strawberry Shortcake

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