Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mattel Wins case against MGA over Bratz!!!!!!!

It was announced today that Mattel won the first part of the trial by jury in their lawsuit against MGA over Bratz. Below is part of the official statement from Mattel:

"Mattel is home to many of the world's most talented toy designers - they are the creative engine of the company. We want to ensure that Mattel's Design Center is a place where concepts are built upon and enhanced by the entire team - not stolen for personal gain and to assist a competitor."
To read the full statement click here

The jury ruled in favor of Mattel after Mattel presented it's case arguing that Carter Bryant designed Bratz while working for Mattel. MGA loses rights to all original drawings, prototypes, and sculpts. Now the lawsuit will go to the second phase of the case, in which it is predicted that MGA will argue that Mattel has no rights to the Bratz dolls because the final dolls look different from the first drawings. I have seen the original drawings and although they do look a bit different from today's Bratz, I don't think the current dolls look substantially different from the Carter Bryant drawings. I would love to see the original sculpts. Good luck MGA!!!

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