Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Play Along Club Dolls 2007

The Play Along Club is a doll line I worked on at Play Along Toys in 2007. They are super-cute and wholesome 13" dolls. The dolls have wired armature and are partially flocked, which made them expensive to produce. Their fashions had to be very inexpensive due to the high cost of the doll, but we managed to make them pretty cute!!! My favorite is Olivia Reese, the redhead. This was one of the the only outfits that didn't get changed from my original design to production, a rare thing in the Toy design biz. She ended up on the cover of Playthings Magazine!

A doll that never got produced, hair styled by moi!

The dolls were originally designed by the amazing inventor, toy artist and icon Mel Birkrant. He is best know as the designer of Baby Face dolls for Galoob, and he has one of he largest if not the largest Disney Collections in the world.
He tells his story of the Play Along Club dolls at the prilly charmin website
You can currently buy them at Amazon.

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