Friday, August 15, 2008

FIDM Costume Exhibition features Bob Mackie

I went to the FIDM museum in downtown LA today on a work field trip. It is a lovely exhibition, with outfits from current TV shows such as Dexter, Scrubs, Pushing Daisy's, and 6 lovely pieces from Project Runway.

The most exciting part for me was seeing 2 beautiful Bob Mackie pieces, one designed for a late 1980's Cher Christmas Special, and the other, show in the above sketch, worn by Angelica Huston to an awards show. They were both red velvet and beautiful.
Also they had a display of Rami's final collection from Project Runway season 5

In the gift shop I purchased the cutest miniature pink battery operated light-up chandelier made by Kikkerland. It is too large for a dollhouse but could pass for a fashion doll chandelier...

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