Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dollhead's Doll Review #1...Gwen Stefani What You Waiting For Doll by Huckleberry Toys

I got this awesome Gwen Stefani doll last week, she is the "What You Waiting For" doll. She came out last Fall, but she is new to me, ha ha, so she gets a review :-)Check out the video...the Alice in Wonderland theme is oh so very fun.

The face sculpt looks like a charicature of Gwen meets the Bratz dolls. I think that the face paint could be waaaay better, but they make up for the boring face by doing a great job on the fashions.Check out her cute red lace panties!! Such a nice detail.... so many layers of lace.
She has so much lace on her dress, it is great, and bows on the back! I have not seen a mass market fashion doll at this price-point with this much lace trim maybe......ever?
And it is decent lace too! wow. The jacket is so well made, this is one of the best outfits I have seen on a lower priced doll for ages.
Cute shoes. The pop off like a Bratz shoe, so she can wear Bratz shoes, and Bratz fashions.
Here she is next to the girls, Jade and Barbie. She measures up at about 10.5 inches.

This video shows Gwen in concert in the outfit the doll is wearing.

I think that Huckleberry did a great job on this line and I want to collect them all! I think have about 6 of them now.

Oh, and if you want have more Gwen Fun, check out this link!

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~♥Sonya said...

I Love these dolls! And your blog is lovely as well!