Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jim Henson Biopic "Henson" in the works by Empire Films. Will this UK company do justice to America's beloved Master of Puppets??

A screenplay about Jim Henson' life, penned by Robert D. Slane, was purchased back in February 2008 by the UK's Empire Film Group.
The film was supposed to start production this summer, but it seems to be delayed.

Will Empire Film Group, producers of such upcoming films as "Blonde and Blonder" do one of the American toy and children's entertainment industry's most famous/genius minds justice?? Will they tell the story of an inspired family man, or will they try to drag the rumors of his dark secerets out into the light?

Will Disney, currently in command of the Muppet Empire, have anything to do with the film?

And most importanly....who will play the star, Femme Fatale, and heart of it all...Miss Piggy??
Perhaps dead ringer Scarlett Johanssen will be considered..

The late Anna Nicole may have been a contender for the role, may she rest in peace...
Charleze Theron's powerful acting abilities and blonde hair might give her a chance at the role of a lifetime!!!!
While researching this blog entry I made an exciting discovery... Muppet Wiki!!!

and...Take a look at this link with casting ideas for Jim :-0

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