Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dollhead's Doll Review #3 Mame Momoko Miss Leisure Yokosaka from Sekiguchi

I ordered this adorable little Meme Momoko on e-bay.
She is wearing a jeans skirt, zebra print top, newsboy cap, cowboy boots and a silk-screened baseball jacket. I bought her because she reminds me of outfits I wore in the late nineties;-) The newsboy cap and i-pod give her a modern twist.

Her outfit is very well made and detailed.

She comes with an i-pod!

She also has this little sign that you put stickers on and that she can hold.

She is Momoko's little sister, but proportionally, she seems like she would be her doll..unless she was an extremely mature 1 year old?
They really do look cute together!
Visit Mame Momoko for more fun dolls!

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