Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Hannah Montana Dolls

Wowie... the new Hannah dolls are very cute.
I love the Lily doll!!!!! I am a total sucker for dolls with colored hair and striped tights.
And look Mom, they dance for extra fun-fun-fun!!!!!!
Some of the accessories I designed and art directed for the line last year are finally in the line. Here is some control art for the hobo purse that I did. It looks good in Blue!Funny, when I first started designing dolls I thought that toy designers get to keep at least one of every toy they design, but that is so not true! I usually have to buy everything I've designed at retail. Granted, I hopped around from company to company a bit, so I often wasn't at the companies that I designed for when the product was actually on shelves a year later.. But even with freelance it works that way. Bummer, I'd love to have them all in my collection.

One of my sad regrets is not buying a rare fairy doll that I designed when I worked at Chic Boutique, I found her last winter at Kay Bee toys. I doubt I will ever see one of those dolls again, the company closed and they are never on e-bay. I was to broke at the time to afford to buy my own work! ironic.

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