Monday, August 11, 2008

Tideland- A Movie by Terry Gilliam...starring 4 dollheads!

I rented the 2005 movie Tideland by Terry Gilliam last night. He is one of my favorite directors. He wrote and directed the Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Time Bandits, Brazil...An excellent young actress, Jodelle Ferland, plays a little girl whose druggie rocker parents both OD in the first part of the movie. Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Tilly play her parents and they are horrifyingly great. The movie is quite disturbing, the most twisted Gilliam film I have ever seen. Turned my stomach quite a few times actually.The little girl wanders around playing with 4 dollheads for most of the movie. I spent the whole time trying to figure out what dolls they used......Does anyone know?
Where they custom made???? Are they British? One of them is so disfigured you cannot tell. They all have characters, the main dollhead is named Mystique, she is little girl's best friend.It looks like they may have re-painted Barbie, but the nose throws me. Is that you Barbie?

The movie, despite it's ugly topics, perfectly captured the feeling of being a child and lost in a fantasy world in which your dolls are alive. I can still clearly remember being this way and the movie really hit a nerve with me in that aspect.
The underlying Alice in Wonderland theme was very well done. Below is a comment from Mr. Gilliam-
"Choosing the doll set, we had to become like kids, because even though Mitch Cullin had written the book, and we had written the screenplay, when it came to choosing the dolls a whole bunch of new ideas came up, and I realised which dolls were to represent which specific aspects of Jeliza-Rose. Neither the novel nor the screenplay had done that, so you've got to just get in there and play. The other thing was that looking at the pictures Lewis Carroll took of Alice Liddell, she looked just like Jodelle. And we tried to be like that; having Jodelle leading the way..."

All in all the movie is worth watching. But definitely NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!!! In fact I feel bad for the little girl star for having to be in such a disturbing film. But I still am a fan of Terry Gilliam.
I am looking forward to his movie coming out next year- The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. It looks very Baron Munchausen-ish. Will there be dolls? Or maybe Puppets?? Yeay!


scholarly1 said...

Your review of this movie has definitely made me want to see it. Hopefully I can find it somewhere. By the way, you've got the coolest job in the world. I'm jealous. LOL!

Dollhead said...

Cool, but beware, it is really dark and gruesome and disturbing.