Friday, October 3, 2008

Check out DaWanda, a Euro on-line store, featuring many hand-made and one-of-a-kind Dolls and Plushies

I just discovered the cutest site, seems to be the Euro equivalent to Etsy. It is full of unique handmade one of a kind dolls and plush galore!

This charming little lady is from a seller named Mou-Mou, who does custom order dolls.

How cool is this monkey doll by Himbeerkuchen ?
very, very cool. that's how cool. even the books she is sitting on are cool!

I love the face on this naughty little art doll by Mildred Loves You!

These handmade ragdolls by Under Blooming Chestnut are so full of character and style..I am beyond smitten!these felt creations by Aysel are so cute it hurts!

Thanx for the cuteness. Dawanda!

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