Friday, October 17, 2008

Cimmi Doll...OOAK by Chic Boutique

When I left my first toy job as a designer at a small doll design company, Chic Boutique, makers of Hottiez, Enchanted Fantasy dolls, Runway Girls and Chicas a La Moda, my boss, Sara Ngyuen made this doll for me as a good-bye gift. Of me!

She nailed the outfit, this is so me!

And my favorite beverages were included, coffee and champagne :-P

On the laptop was one of my works in progress...needs hair!

I miss Chic Boutique! The design office closed but you can still find Chic Boutique dolls on Amazon and e-bay. And I have seen the Chicas a La Moda lately in K-mart and Walmart.

Check out this video the see Asiana, the Hottiez doll modeled after Sara Ngyuen, in action!

Watch Video

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