Monday, October 20, 2008


I came across this illustration I did of a cupcake, and it made me think about the Cupcake Dolls.

They were first introduced in the early 1990's by Kenner course.... you need to put a bow on a cupcake!

They look like little Southern Belles to me.

In 2003 Radica brought them back, with a DVD and playsets.

Some hilarious commentary about the Radica Cupcakes DVD can be found here

They have returned to Cupcake land for awhile, but I'll bet they will be back on the shelves before we come down from our sugar rush! Tres sweet.


Cuteek said...

Wow what a blast from the past! These things must have been around in about 1990? I didn't have them but my best friend over the road had them. There was one that smelled like almonds or cherries?

We had fun when they gatecrashed Barbie's house hehe :)

Thanks for the flashback

Pimp My Barbie

CrazyAboutMakeup/PimpMyBarbie/CashAddict/Cuteek/40winx said...

P.s Do you remember Quints?

Dollhead said...

yes I love quints! so cute. so little.