Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am officially an e-bay idiot

I was aimlessly clicking around e-bay today, while talking on the phone, and came across what I thought was a great deal on a Redheaded vintage Cissy Doll...so Silly me I bid on it without really thinking. Or reading. Duh.To my dismay it turns out I only bought this lovely wig. With no Cissy doll to put it on!!!!

I guess I had better start looking for a Cissy. I wanted one anyhow. This must be a sign.


Cuteek said...

Oh nooooo! I hate that, but hey you got a wig, I hope it was at a good price :)
I have been on ebay today browsing, there are so many dolls listed I can't believe it. I think the world is having a clear out.

Pimp My Barbie

Dollhead said...

reaaallly? i;d better keep an eye on e-bay, i need more dolls.... hahaha. Actually I should join the clear out, my closets are crammed! But i cannot give them up. sigh.