Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dollhead's Doll Review #4....Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls at McDonalds

I have been collecting these Madame Alexander dolls from Happy Meals, but I only got I went to get another and they were handing out little Barbies! Boo. The Barbie was ok but these Wizard of Oz dolls ROCK!!!!

Lucky me, I got a Dorothy. She came with a molded Toto in a basket piece, but I lost it already :-( Her eyes open and close and she is so sweet.
The Wicked Witch of the West is my favorite! Just in time for Halloween. She is evil yet cute.

The Cowardly Lion...
Oh wait no that's actually my cat, Biggie.

The real cowardly Lion!

I discovered that there is a Happy Meal website that is all about Happy Meal toys!
Check out the rest of the collection-

I also found this handy site about Fast Food toys while I was looking around google..

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