Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unique Doll and Robot Art by 9-Kei and Joe Shea

Joe Shea, an artist that I am quite a fan of, has recently started collaborating with talented ceramicist and crafter Keiko Okuda to create 9-Kei.

Together they crochet, knit, assemble and sculpt one of a kind creations that are truly imaginative.

how cute is this fuzzy robot?

I love the child-like strangeness of these pieces by Joe Shea.

Joe Shea's sculptures remind me of old European folk and fairytale art..with a touch of 1960's psychedelia, twisted into something thoroughly modern.

Joe Shea has a show up in Santa Barbara until Oct 25th at the delightful Art from Scrap gallery.

Check out their blogs for more 9-kei info

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