Sunday, November 16, 2008

Earth Friends, Eco Friendly Ragdolls created by California eco-Moms

I was very excited to see these dolls today at Whole Foods,

The Earth FriendsLink

They are an assortment of 9 girl and boy rag dolls that come with a cool planting kit for planting a douglas fir tree.

These cuties are made out of earth friendly materials; Skin made from Hemp fabric, Hair from organic fibers, stuffed with recycled plastic containers! They feel durable yet cuddly. They are packaged in a recycled cardboard box without any of those horrible plastic blisters.

Each dolls comes in 2 sizes.

I think that Maki is my favorite, maybe because she looks like my Mom!

There are all types of skin tones and genders.
They even have the requisite California hippie-kid accessories, check out the Tye Die pjs and knitted in Nepal rasta hat.
(I think I actually had pjs like that in High School!! :-O

LinkThese dolls are very cool and would make a great eco-concious gift for kids or doll collectors..

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