Thursday, December 18, 2008

Devout Dolls by Sara Lanzillotta

I cannot put into words how much I adore the one of a kind Art Dolls, Blythe Outfits, and Plush made by artist Sara Lazillotta.

From her "Under the Big Top" Series

Sara's Alice in Wonderland dolls have got to be some of the most delightful ever created.

She also did a series of "Dolls of the Silver Screen"

A clown from her "Under the Big Top" Series

She has an amazing line of Mermaid Dolls suitable for kids, at very reasonable prices.

Pink Elephant Plush...YEeees!

She does custom orders, and you can buy her dolls, outfits and more fun stuff at her Etsy Shop, now!
If you are in LA, you can find her pieces at Monkey House Toys. Catch a glimpse of an incredible cat doll she has there now, in my Dollhead Youtube movie I did about the Wild Wild Kingdom Plush Show..


Debbie said...

Love the white Rabbit...

Dollhead said...

Did you visit her website? many wonderous creations!