Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Princess Unicorn on the Office

I love this clip! The Office is genius at akwardly touching on the truth about hot-button socialital issues

It has always been my opinion that children do not see race, especially in dolls. I believe that adults teach them these preferences. Bratz partially proved this with the fact that their #1 top selling doll has been Yasmin, a medium tone skinned, brunette doll who could be Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, or even African American..

However there are studies out that claim that girls are still prefering the blonde white dolls.


A Girl Like Me- Kiri Davis

I hope that the day comes soon when girls around the world can see that the beauty of a doll has nothing to do with the color of her skin!


Niel Camhalla said...

Most fashion dolls sold here in the Philippines are white (blonds and redheads). There are a few black haired dolls and Latina looking dolls but very rare are Asians and dark skinned.

A few Christmas ago, I gave my niece a dark skinned barbie. She said she didn't want it. She wanted the blond one. She said the dark skinned one was ugly although it was the same mold as the white one.

I was surprised with her choice but I guess I should have expected it since we are known for our colonial mentality.

Dollhead said...

That is sadly surprising!

I talked to a buyer from Puertp Rico once who said the sort of the same thing, the kids in PR all wanted the blonde light skinned dolls. I like to think that it will slowly change and girls will eventually appreciate teh beauty of every color of skin and hair..!