Monday, January 5, 2009

Quechua Children at Wilka Tika Children's School in Peru..... with American Toys!

These lovely photos are from Wilka Tika's Childern's School in Peru, a school started by my amazing mother-in-law, funded by her Wilka Tika Children's Fund.
Want to make a positive difference in the lives of Andean children? Support children's educational projects in remote Andean villages.
For donations over a $100 or more, receive Carol Cumes' beautiful new book "Chakra Gardens, Opening the Senses of the Soul." Please tell your friends. Visit the Willka T'ika Children's Fund at for more details
I think the juxtaposition of American toys against the beautiful Quechua children is interesting.
I have some beautiful handmade Quechua dolls that look just like these lovely girls, I will post pics at some point!
Even the smallest donation really helps. Below is a list of the costs to run the school-

Hot lunches every day for a whole year: $25 per child per YEAR
One teacher's salary per year: $1800 (that's only $150 per month)
School supplies per child for a whole year: $7 per child per year

New updated text books: $20 per child per year

A little really goes a long way in Peru! Plus if you donate you get a great book!
Check it out-

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