Friday, March 6, 2009

Black-eyed Suzie

Lately I am enamored of these One of a Kind Art dolls by Black Eyed Suzie, available on Etsy.
If you love dolls and literature, you MUST visit her shop. Every doll is amazing, and she had taken the time to give every doll a story.
Visit her shop t0 meet them in person;
Black-eyed Suzie's Shop

Teeny (so woebegone)

Anyone who makes a doll of Edgar Allen Poe makes a fan out of me :-)

Black Eyed Suzie also sells gorgeous prints of her dolls! so pretty.

Read all about this talented doll artist in her Etsy Interview
and she has a blog!


Lena said...

Just lovely dolls!Very special!
I like them a lot!


Dollhead said...

Thanx Lena. Welcome to my blog, I like yours too!