Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blythe models Alexander McQueen for Target!

I couldn't believe it when I saw bus billboards all over Hollywood today with photos of Blythe modeling for Target!

Turns out she was modeling the new Alexander McQueen fashions for Target, under the name McQ Market. With style consultation by Blythe photographer extraordinaire Gina Garan.

I instantly ran out Target and bought this cool black dress with grey sleeves, so glad that they were still in the store in my size, I can't wait to wear it to something worthy of it's coolness!

This may be the only time in my life I will be able to afford an Alexander McQueen dress.....

I LOvE that McQueen used Blythe as a model, this is such an incredible marriage of cool and fabulous! One of my favorite designers with one of my favorite dolls :-)

The talented people from Junie Moon provided the dolls and worked on their customization..
Read more about it at NitroLicious


Lena said...

I just love Your dolls!
I´ve an award for You in my blog!


Knena said...

Hello! I have a prize for you in my blog " Reward to the personal effort ". The rules are in Spanish, but you them might translate to english with the translator of google that exists in my blog. Thank you!

I love your doll and enjoy yor blog!

Dollhead said...

Gosh thanks!!!!!! I really appreciate the awards and I love you blogs too!

Scrap Master said...

Here's more 'back story' about the Alexander McQueen for Target collaboration and Blythe ... enjoy