Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fabulous New Six Story Shanghai Barbie Emporium

Mattel opened a six story pink barbie dream emporium last month in Shanghai!!!!
It has a cafe, spa (I'll take the pink mask pleeez) and of course every Barbie product that you can imagine. I am not sure if it has a vintage Barbie area?

I so want to visit this pink pleasure palace, with $3000 in spending money, haha! (yes I am dreaming)

I'd love to have shelf like this for my dolls! Unfortunately that may not work due to the fact that it is about the size of my entire house.

Read more about Barbie Shanghai at these lovely links-


Analee said...

I want to go to China and visit Barbie's Emporium!!! Lately I've been dreaming of going to Japan, too, because of all the great dolls coming from there. China, Japan, Europe, Australia are just a few of my dream doll destinations.

Dollhead said...

I've been to Japan it is an amazing place, especially if you love Kitsch and Collectibles!!!! You must go!