Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shop 66 Vintage Doll-o-Rama!

Check out these adorable sticker packs from Shop 66 on Etsy. Chock full of fab images of vintage dolls!

Kitsch Tastic!

Lookie, a Doll of the Day Pack with a doll for every day of the month!

In addition to stickers,Shop 66 has a whole Doll Section with vintage dolls galore!

And Doll Heads! haha. Just what I need!

Shop 66!

She also has 2 blogs, Doll of the Day and ShopBlog.,

The doll of the day blog is so great!!!!!!


Analee said...

OMG...this is the best shop ever! Thank you so much for sharing this--I really like her doll blog, too.

hamsterandhippo said...
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