Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tuesday Taylor Dolls

These Tuesday Taylor Dolls by the legendary Ideal Toy Company are so cool, one must observe the cutting edge vintage 1970's commercials on Youtube at TVdays Channel to get how awesome this doll line was.

She was 1970's Boho yet fashionably chic!

I think that I would wear this jumpsuit. ;-)

These dolls have it all. seriously. They even had the spinning scalp with the 2 color hair feature waaaaay before the Hannah Montana Doll did it!
Hannah, stop copying Tuesday!

Tuesday Taylor looks sort of like she is getting a mugshot taken after a hard night of partying in this photo.. But you can see the 2 tone hair thing going on. To see her in action check out the vintage commericals on Youtube. As an added entertainment plus, a very young Brooke Shields is in a commercial! Yeay!

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Lady-in-the-Making said...

Oh this post brought me back in a BIG way. I loved my Tuesday Taylor...and yes! She does look like she was partying. I thought she was the most glamorous doll I owned.