Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Tale of Rosa Pomar vs Oilily

Rosa Pomar is a plush artist in Portugal who makes delightful little bunny dolls and such.

Recently her signature plush bunny design was copied pretty much exactly by the high end children's company Oilily!

She sued of course and it lead to a boycott and general uproar!

Now Oilily is bankrupt and Rosa Pomar is more famous then ever and continues making her cute original plushies.. justice is served, the artist wins!
the end.

read more about it at Whipitup


Children of Eve said...

I hadn't heard about this. I always liked Oilily. Now I will wonder whenever I fall in love with one of their things....Did they rip this off?

RougeBaguette said...

Yeah, I'm happy for Rosa Pomar, one example of the underdog taking on a corporation and winning. Appalled that Oilily could do such a thing. Always adored Rosa Pomar, heard abt her a few years back and even used her doll icons on my iMac at work. Good on you, Rosa!