Monday, July 6, 2009

Go Ask Alice Doll and Plush Show

I have been super busy lately, not blogging as much as I like to, but I have lots of great reasons, and one of them is...... (drumroll)........... I am putting together my first DOLL AND PLUSH GROUP SHOW at the gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is called Go Ask Alice, the theme is Alice in Wonderland. I have a bunch of great artists signed up including these lovely talented people-

Linda Thompson-Mills of BeadDream
is making a beaded Alice

Dan Levin is making amazing assemblage wooden dolls

Cute Cute Plushies by Heather Saunders of Needlings

Plush Goodness will be making amazing Plush also

And I am super excited about the pieces that are being created by The Raggy Rat

The Raggy Rat has already started on her dormouse piece!!! He looks so sweet-she sent me a preview work in progress photo. Check out her Flicker!

I have more artists joining the fun that I will blog about soon. This is gonna be a great show! I am planning a Mad Tea Party at the gallery to open the show, with chocolate, tea, cupcakes and champagne, yeay!


Raggy Rat said...

can you correct my name on this blog to The Raggy Rat?
please !
then go to ...

Cimmi said...

Oh Gosh O am a terrible speller!!! Sorry Raggy Rat!

Raggy Rat said...

i odnt think that was spelling, more of a re-name ! well thanks for sorting it, it looks good now ... now did you follow the links to finished dormouse? :-)
enjoy !

Children of Eve said...

hEllo- Are you accepting Alice dolls for your group show from long distance, or just local?

eve in ny land

Little Critters said...

I am planning on working on my pieces soon. I just found the most amazing fabric! I'm sos excited to work on this theme.