Sunday, July 19, 2009

Go Ask Alice Works in Progress

I am working on my first Alice in Wonderland rag doll for the Go Ask Alice Group Show we have planned in November at the Gallery..

And I made a Cheshire Cat! He's Wacky.


elficzka said...


Debbie said...

Love the Cheshire Cat..x

Alison said...

As a doll fanatic and an Alice collector, I must say, your interpretations of Alice and the Cheshire Cat are cheery, bright, and absolutely beautiful! Will they be offered for sale after the show?

Cimmi said...

wow, thanx for the love~!!

I have about 15 great art doll and plush artists signed up for the show, you will all surely enjoy their work. Every piece is for sale, I am thinking that I will put up a special Etsy site for it. The Show opens Nov 27th, I will post lots of info on the blog!


Analee said...

My daughter is ga ga over Alice in Wonderland anything! It's so great that you will have the artists creations on a special Etsy site...thanx!