Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reindeer/Satyr Blythe custom

Found this Blythe on the blog at with no credit and a dead e-bay link.. I have had reindeer on my mind due to the upcoming Brad Nack 100% Reindeer Art Show Kick-off Party at the gallery...and I think this Blythe is so pretty and etheral. had to post her. If anyone knows who made her, do please tell!


Debbie said...

Have a look at this link:-
He customizes Blythe Dolls..

Cimmi said...

awesome, thank you debbie!

Anonymous said...

aw crap! i know who it is but i just cant remember her name, its on the tip of my tongue :(

Anonymous said...

BOOM! i remember who it is now, her name is Kitty Bee! this is her flickr:
also if you like deers this is my deer blythe ^__^