Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eco Snoopers by Pecoware..uhm, how are these actually eco-friendly?

I saw some very cute backpacks today with large corduroy plush animals attached that had a high quality handmade inspired look to them, called Eco Snoopers. The super low price caught my attention so I flipped the tag and of course, made in china. The tag said nothing about what type of eco-friendly material went into the product, so I went on-line to investigate the eco-ness, and the website has a convoluted mission statement about teaching children to be green and this apologetic line a the end:
"Pecoware Company executives steadfastly maintained that Eco Snoopers® was to be an environmentally friendly line of products. Inks, paper and fabrics were tested and reviewed, and months of research was conducted on varying types of recyclable materials. Finally, a formula was approved that would incorporate recycled materials in the manufacture of select Eco Snoopers© products."

Ooook, so what part of this product is eco? The brand new non-organic fabric? The environmentally damaging Chinese factory labor and overseas shipping? This kind of marketing ploy annoys me to no end. It appears as if they are another company trying to jump on the "green" bandwagon while doing hardly anything to be green! So lame. When companies are really green and use eco friendly materials on their product they make it aboundantly clear on their websites, tags etc.. like these plush dolls from Dandelion that are made from organic bamboo.

I love all types of toys, eco or not, but really, trying to hoodwink the consumer is so not cute.
It reminds me of an equally hypocritical product that a company I formally worked for included as a bonus with a certain, well intentioned, line of fashion dolls.....a plastic, cheap, chinese made bracelet with the phrase engraved on it..."Respect the Earth"

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