Saturday, November 13, 2010

Soft Served at Oh-No-Doom Gallery in Chicago

I've been invited to join a group show in Chicago at the Oh No Doom Gallery curated by the extremely talented fiber artist Lana Crooks...check out her blog!

I am making a girl on a swing for the show, she really swings! I'll post a video when she's done. :-)

Oh No Doom is also the home of this cutely dangerous plushie...Fluffy Yuck Yuck! The world's only chompin' plush toy!


Super Orange said...

very cute XD

Heather Fonseca said...

Wow really cute! Have you considered adding some twitter buttons at the end of the post so that we can share your posts on twitter? I know I'd like to.


ThEm DoLLZ said...

C you there! I'll be showing there as well!

ThEm DoLLZ said...

See you there! I'm showing there as well. It's gonna be fun

Cimmerii said...

Yes! I think I saw your DoLLZ in some press!!! coolio!!!!