Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barbie Throughout Art History

I did this in ink and gauche on board as a College art project long ago, found it in my closet recently and thought I'd share... My fellow students were delighted yet slightly baffled.

Ancient Greek Barbie

Renaissance Madonna Barbie (note...she of course has no nipple)

Venus De Milo Barbie

I call this one...Mona Barbie

Davinci Barbie

Fuseli's Nightmare Barbie

The Swing, Rococo Barbie (Fragonard would have loved Barbie, I somehow suspect)

The Kiss Barbie

Degas Ballerina Barbie (can't remember the painting title..)

Munch Madonna Barbie

Art Noveau Barbie

Picasso Les Mademoiselles De Barbie

Frida Barbie

And Lastly, Warhol Barbie. He would roll over in his grave at these colors, I think. Sorry Andy!


thedollcafe said...

I love it! You are very talented.

TM said...

Oh wow, I love these!!!! Very creative!

honey my heart photo a day said...

love this collection of barbie art.

Alison in CA said...

Absolutely fabulous, Cimmi! Will these items be for sale on your easy store, or would consider taking a commission for something similar?

I <3 them!

Alison in CA said...

Etsy store, I mean.

(Damn you, autocorrect!) ;)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME Cimmi!! We just adopted a baby girl, and she is going to love to play with the dolls you made!

TL Cabrera

Cimmerii said...

Wow, thanx everyone! Alison, I may just sell you a print if you want, hadn't even considered it! Maybe I'll out a few on etsy, I'll let you know.

I love barbie, she looks fabulous in any era, haha!

Heather Fonseca said...

These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing.


Anna said...

this post!!!