Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Bob Barker Marionette Theatre

I had the pleasure of visiting the historic Bob Barker Marionette Theater in downtown LA this week. I love old LA history, and this theatre reeks of it! The place is alive with vintage puppets and original art from the fifties and sixties, all lovingly cared for by hipster art school types who bring the theatre to life as volunteers. The exterior is decorated with a cool mural on the parking lot side and a whimsical entryway complete with trumpeting clown. When you enter, the theatre sparkles with vaudevillian charm, old carpets and worn curtains turned magical with coffee can lights and old timey music. The hour long puppet show I saw was called "Something to Crow About" a hokey yet adorable original written in the 1950s, chock full of farm yard jokes and silly characters like the sly fox, flapper bird and tomato lady! It was charming. And at the end they served ice cream! 
It is very much worth a visit to see this slice of LA theatre history.

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